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Canada Water Theatre
14th and 15th of November 2018


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About The Event

The Brazilian Consulate in London, on its mission to support Brazilians in the UK, is organising an event to bring free information for Brazilians entrepreneurs looking to start-up and evolve theirs businesses in the United Kingdom. In partnership with Vertice Services, the Consulate is inviting business-minded individuals to be part of a seminar to help them grow their businesses in a well-shaped and sustainable pace.

With more than 10 years providing support for over 3000 clients including self employed and companies in the UK, looking after their business and financial affairs, we have noticed that some points that are often overlooked can make a big difference in your business and even decide whether it will succeed or just be part of the failed businesses statistics. As part of our mission to inspire and help people succeed in business – and consequently in life – we want to share the experience we gained and give the right direction for those who take their business seriously.

Join us for 90 minutes that will change the way you look at business.

*This event will be in Portuguese language.


TBC by the Brazilian Consulate

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Free admission. Availability is limited and even after your registration is confirmed the seats will be allocated on a first-come first-served basis during the events, thus we highly recommend early arrival.

Who is this event for?

The start-up seminar is for first time entrepreneurs who want to create a strong foundation and increase chances of success. It will help you understand about basic technicalities like which legal structure is better for your business, introduction to a business plan and common mistakes to avoid.

The growing business seminar is for experienced business owners who want to grow and evolve their business. In a very fast-paced and straight forward seminar, Rodolfo Basilio will go through subjects from technical points like Break Even Point to practical points like your Cash Flow, Business Seasonality and How to Raise Money for your business.

You will understand what is a self employed and how to become one, with the benefits and drawbacks, including how to calculate and plan your taxes.

On the company’s side we will likewise introduce you to the set up of a limited company, how the taxes are paid differently by the shareholder and director and why you should plan it for a wealthy business.

The other topic for limited companies will have a huge impact on your business and may eventually affect your personal life if not done properly: how to choose the best legal structure.

As the fourth but not less important, we will introduce you to a business plan. This alone already gives you a mile of advantage over your competition.

DAY 1 - Startup Business

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DAY 2 - Grow Your Business

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Rodolfo Basilio

Rodolfo Basilio is an entrepreneur and business consultant, founder of Vertice Services (, Angra Finance (, Remitec ( among others. Advising business people for over 12 years in London, Rodolfo has direct contact with a vast variety of businesses and practical experience on real examples of success on a daily basis.
Rodolfo has also a passion for sharing his experience and inspiring entrepreneurs in their business journey. Recent participation as a speaker include the UKTMA Conference, with an audience of over 500 entrepreneurs from the financial sector in the UK.


In this Seminars we’re talking with

Rodolfo Basilio

Vertice Services Director
Senior Accountant

Antonio Venditto

Vertice Italy Director
Senior Accountant


Senior Accountant