MTD – Assunto importante sobre seus negócios e como a Vertice pode ajudá-lo

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A MTD vai mudar a forma como você gerencia seu negócio. Entre em contato para obter mais informações sobre como podemos ajudá-lo a mudar para a contabilidade online sem problemas: 0207 328 8338 ou   Se você está buscando os serviços de um contador brasileiro em Londres, entre em contato com a Vertice Services. […]

Orçamento 2021: Resumo dos principais pontos-chave


O chanceler Rishi Sunak revelou o conteúdo de seu orçamento na Câmara dos Comuns. Uma extensão do principal esquema de licença do chanceler e mais apoio ao coronavírus dominaram um dos orçamentos mais esperados da memória recente. Aqui está um resumo das principais medidas fiscais e empresariais para o orçamento 2021. Este guia será adicionado […]

Important notice: New VAT Flat Rate Scheme

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From April 2017, HMRC has announced significant changes for the amount of VAT that many small businesses will have to pay in UK. This will affect vast majority of businesses that use the VAT Flat Rate Scheme but spend very little on goods, including raw materials such as companies providing services to their clients. The […]


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This HMRC advert is one of many the government has placed in public spaces. This initiative is called “HMRC is closing the net on tax dodgers”. The message is clear: ‘We are coming after you if you don’t pay your taxes’.As soon as I arrived in the cinema I went to buy myself popcorn and […]

‘HMRC’ tax refund fraud: beware of phishing emails

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Fake ‘HMRC’ tax refund emails are once again flooding inboxes. We’ll show you how to spot a fake tax rebate email. According to Wikipedia, “Phishing is the attempt to obtain sensitive information such as usernames, passwords, and credit card details (and money), often for malicious reasons, by disguising as a trustworthy entity in an electronic communication“. And the time when bogus emails were poorly […]


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We are aware that some of our clients have received text messages and/or emails promising tax refunds. These messages, supposedly sent by HMRC, are fraud.Do not disclosure any personal information via SMS, email of phone in reply to these messages (examples below). HMRC is aware of the situation and stated:“HMRC will never notify you of […]


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The Chancellor has presented his Budget to Parliament on 16th March 2016.During the Budget speech Mr. Osborne has promised many times to “put the next generation first”.Here’s a summary of what was announced: According to Mr Osborne UK should remain in EUMr Osborne flagged up the OBR comment in its economic forecast: that “a vote […]