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Vertice Services provide our clients with a wide range of finance aimed at the construction industry – both large developers and individuals. We understand that no two construction projects are the same and that you need an approach tailored to your needs. Our finance covers construction companies for clients who cannot or will not pay on time

Our experts cover topics such as finance, taxation, long term business planning and legal issues. So no matter what your questions are along your construction journey, we are able to assist.

What is construction finance?

Construction finance is a very special type of financial input that helps you to complete your construction project without gaps in funding. The gaps occur due to banks being unwilling to pay the entire cost of the project up front therefore your client will be unable to cover your invoice. Generally banks only provide finance in stages as the build progresses or after it is completed and a remortgage takes place.

In many cases construction companies are forced to borrow money against the final value of the project invoice once completed. We are able to help in sourcing this funding and working out the best type of funding for your needs.

Why your project needs construction finance

If you are unable to pay for what you need to continue the work for your client, the entire project could come to a halt. Your client will not be able to get their final mortgage payment and you will not have your invoices paid. Therefore bridging finance is often required.

In general the funding is provided to cover for a number of typical construction scenarios such as:

  • The purchase of materials and labour
  • Covering payments to subcontractors
  • Paying for the hire of equipment

Our mortgage team have access to many mortgage deals that are not routinely advertised, making it much more likely you will be successful in your application process.

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