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Vertice Services work with startups and existing businesses on all aspects of growth, including planning and problem solving. We understand what a business needs to flourish and improve profitability and our focus is always on good practice.

Our Strategy Consultancy service offers SPEDI-trained full time professional advisors to work closely with you to establish what your business needs to flourish. Our advisors are specialists in their field, whether that is accountancy, marketing, finance or law.

What does a strategic consultant do?

Running a business is so much more than simply attending to the day to day needs of your customers; it is about setting goals regarding the future direction of your business and working out the best way to get there. A strategic consultant is able to work with you to help you to understand what your goals are and to take you through what’s required to meet those targets.

The strategy you need will depend entirely on what stage of your business you are at. A startup will need a different set of skills to an existing business.

Strategic Consultancy for startups

A startup business is, by its very definition, in the early stages of its development. You may have a long term plan, but have very little idea about how to reach the goals you have set. You may still need funding and investment and you might not fully understand the legal aspects of your new venture.

A strategic consultant will be able to advise on:

  • The production of a robust business plan
  • The need for a marketing plan that will take you to your launch date and beyond
  • The branding requirements that meet your business needs and those of your customers
  • Your legal and financial obligations
  • How to manage cashflow
  • A clear timeline on the steps you need to follow to start your business.

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All of our customers are different and we offer a tailored service to meet all needs. So whether you are just starting or you are well established, give us a call and discuss your particular requirements.

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