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You could be dealing with the best service or product, but if your books are not in line, it could lead to severe failure

As a company, we take pride in helping all types of businesses succeed. It is the primary reason we came up with VERTICE PLUS. This is an efficient online bookkeeping platform that you can use with ease to ensure you keep track of all your financial performance. It is an exceptional tool that businesses use to connect clients and accountants.

Vertice Plus is a one of a kind bookkeeping avenue that presents exclusive technologies to benefit your entity in a huge way.

What Vertice Plus can do

  • Observe the performance of your business around the clock through an online dashboard.
  • Keep track of business expenses, income, and profitability in real-time.
  • Connect the system to your bank account in a straightforward manner. Say goodbye to the stress of having to deal with loads of paperwork making bank statement copies.
  • Get to see how the business is running in an authentic manner instead of relying on outdated paperwork and numbers.
  • Email your customers the company logo.
  • Instantly raise invoices.
  • Stay up to date with details of profits and losses.

Vertice Services strives to offer the most affordable yet efficient business solutions

Join other entrepreneurs who are already taking advantage of Vertice Plus, you can choose between 5 packages to pick the one that best suits your business needs. Note that you pay a one off setup fee of £399 for all the packages. These include:

  1. Essential – At only £59 a month get introduction training and telephone and online assistance
  2. Standard – For £89 per month enjoy bookkeeping services, a monthly review of profit and loss, online and telephone assistance, and introduction training.
  3. Standard Plus – This gives you the best value at only £139 monthly with all the features that the standard package offers.
  4. Silver – The price of this is only £349 per month and has additional features like raising business invoices and a special vertical plus dedicated manager in addition to the others found with the standard package.
  5. Gold – It offers all the above features including outsourcing chasing debt for only £699 a month.

Try us today to experience a real difference in your business.


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